Carole Gilmore, LPC-S, CMHIMP, CCATP, CDWF

Bachelor of Science Psychology, Masters of Mental Health Counseling,

Doctoral Candidate - 2020

After staying home with my children for nearly 13 years, I decided to return to school to fulfill my calling, helping people and ultimately becoming a counselor. I had always been told by my friends and family that I was a good listener but thought I was much better suited to do something in the legal field, and boy did God have other plans for me!

On my journey to becoming a counselor, I have learned so much about myself and, who I want to be. I learned what legacy I wanted to create for my children. I learned that I want to work towards each day, being a great lover of God, a great wife, a great mother, a great daughter, a great sister, a great friend and a great person! And with God's love and strength I know I can be every one of those.

As I sat down to write this "About Me" segment, I asked myself what I wanted my potential clients and even past clients to know about me? I want you to know that I am a real person. I am a direct person, and I am a person who is willing to help. I love listening to people, I love talking to people, I love being that safe place for people to share. As a matter of fact, I consider it an honor of the highest proportion when a client chooses me for this important position in their life.

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Shane Gilmore, Life Coach

Bachelors of Arts Criminal Justice, Minor in Sociology, Certified Life Coach

In the midst of a crisis, do you need a change? Only you're not sure what type of change you need, is it a career change, is it a relationship change or is it an overall lifestyle change?


If this IS where you are then you must be asking yourself, so now what? What are my next steps?


I work with individuals just like you every day! I help them explore their thoughts, ideas, and dreams to dig deep and find their true passion.


I use my life and past career experience in conjunction with my life coaching style, to help people discover who they want to be, who they want others to see when they interact with them personally or professionally.


Over the years I realized that I had a talent for helping people to clarify and recognize their issues, identify their struggles and help them discover the infinite possibilities for deliverance and prosperity in whatever area of life they desired.


My life’s mantra is "integrity first, family before self and committed to excellence". Let me partner with you and show you how you can develop and live out your own mantra!


*While we accept a variety of EAP providers, we only accept UBH insurance at this time. Please inquire with your carrier to determine if we are considered an in or out-of-network mental health provider. Thank you.*

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