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Affair/Infidelity Recovery

Let's Design the Marriage You Always Dreamed of Together

Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Where do we go from here?


When infidelity happens in a relationship the first question that comes to both partners’ minds is: Where do we go from here? Well, where do you go?


Do you…

Listen to your anger and leave?

Listen to your heart and stay?

Listen to your friends and family and leave?

Listen to your friends and family and stay?

Listen to your faith and stay?



How about you and your spouse listen to your therapist and find out how you ended up here in the first place, and what the best next steps are for you two as a couple?


One of the first things I tell the couples I work with is, “I am not on your husband’s side or your wife’s side; I am on the side of the marriage, ” and together we need to find out what a successful marriage looks like for you both.


Now, I am not recommending that if you are having problems in your relationship that you run out and have an affair, but what I will say is if you are finding yourself “there” or going “there” get your marriage the help it needs now!


Remember, having an affair does not always have to lead to separation or divorce, those are both choices. What infidelity (emotional or physical) can lead to IS an opportunity for a better, stronger, healthier marriage! So, before you and your spouse reach a point of no return, make an appointment, and let’s talk about how we can revitalize and restore your relationship!

Infidelity raises profound questions about intimacy. ~ Junot Diaz

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