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Personality Training...What's in it for you?

Wouldn't you love to understand yourself better? How about understanding the people you love or for that matter the people you simple don't care for at all, but you have to interact with them. Taking a personality assessment is the first step towards understanding how to live in your strengths and not your struggles. Understanding why you and the other people in your sphere behave the way they do is the key to living an authentically happy and emotionally balanced life.

Carole Gilmore is became a Certified Personality Trainer under the Personality Principles System because it incorporates the vital element that many other systems simply don't include - emotional wellness. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach, I recognized right away after having used other prominent systems I wanted something powerful and impactful to use with my clients. I wanted something that would equip my clients to address their emotional needs and those of the people around them whether the setting be personal or professional. The Personality Principles System teaches you to address your emotional needs based on your personality.  It is a proactive and realistic approach to understanding yourself and the people you interact with daily, and that IS POWERFUL!

Learning and teaching the Personality Principles System has been a life changing for me and I want to share it whenever the opportunity presents! it is not simply about building my has become a way of life. The information we teach has had a radically profound impact on us as trainers and can do the same for you! 

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