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Pre-marital Counseling with Prepare Enrich

Online Couples Assessment Tool

When you compromise your beliefs for the sake of gain, that is a lack of integrity. When you sacrifice your belief for a greater understanding of your spouse, that's called wisdom. ~ Fawn Weaver


Before you say "I DO", say "I WILL"...commit to a premarital counseling program click here to read this informative article. Our program will be tailored just for you and your partner.

Personalizing your counseling package allows us to have private discussions with you and your fiance' regarding sensitive topics that may need more time or may need to be addressed in a non-group setting. Our package includes:

Prepare & Enrich Couples Assessment
8-Private In-Person Sessions
1-hour per session
Biblical or secular based counsel (based on couple preference)
Reference materials and homework provided
Payment options are available


The costs associated with planning a wedding such as obtaining a wedding planner, selecting a venue, a caterer, a florist, etc. can be overwhelming! We understand marriage counseling can be an expensive undertaking but when you are making a lifelong commitment, isn't it worth it? Our package is cost-effective and probably one of the most important selections you will make next to what you will be wearing. The cost of our Pre-marital Counseling The package cost varies depending on the practitioner and can be paid in installments. Please call the individual practitioner for details.


"The cost of a marriage license is $81.00 cash. Couples who go through the State of Texas approved marriage education class (Twogether in Texas) will not have to pay the $60.00 State portion of the marriage license fee. They will still pay the smaller County portion, which varies by County" (Dallas  As a Twogether in Texas provider, upon completion of our program, you will be eligible to receive the aforementioned discount.

Invest in your favorite couple with a gift that will keep on giving! The foundation to a happy and lasting marriage!

Please call us with questions at 469.946.8255 or Schedule your appointment today using the link below:

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