Licensed Professional Counseling Associates

Katherine Thorne, MS, NCC, LPC Associate

Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Writing, Minor in Religion, Masters Professional Counseling

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The calling to work in counseling came to me after graduating with a double-major in English and Religion from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. My experience working at a middle school made me realized that I wanted to help individuals as they navigated through life. I wanted to help people get through sadness to find happiness. I wanted to help them overcome trials, errors, and hardships to experience life's joy and celebrations. So, I started on my journey to become a counselor, which led me to Amberton University.


I came to find Amberton through a friend and was immediately drawn to it. There, I was surrounded by like-minded individuals, working on starting a new chapter in their lives. I have always strived for kindness imbued in both my day-to-day and professional life. I approach life with a sense of humor and the knowledge that anything can be overcome, no matter how difficult. 


Sometimes, we just need to reach out for help from others, even if it's just ear to listen, and that is what I bring to my counseling practice. No judgment, no hidden strings, just a desire to help others feel heard and work through whatever might be troubling them. My goal is not to solve your problems, but to support you as we find and use tools that will enable you to solve those presenting problems, that they can take into a life far after our sessions.

Michelle Blake, MS, NCC, LPC Associate

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies, Masters Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate who earned my Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and my Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies degrees from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Currently, I am enrolled in the Ph.D. in Counseling program at Texas A&M University-Commerce and hope to reach candidacy in 2021. 

During my graduate and doctoral internships, I have gained experience working in a non-profit and community counseling center setting with adults, children, adolescents, families, single parents, and groups. Within my experience, I utilize a humanistic approach and include an eclectic variation of therapeutic models, including Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). My counseling experience has included working with clients through stress management, career and college goals, medical crisis, anxiety, depression, trauma, codependency, adoption, loss, family violence, domestic abuse, and self-harm. 

I feel that establishing a safe space is key to building a healthy rapport with clients, so the client's ability to create and accomplish goals can take place. The value of listening with intent and being present in the moment while walking with clients through their needs are some of the basic building blocks to a successful therapeutic relationship. 

Shuronda Scott, MS, NCC, LPC Associate

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling

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I believe that we sometimes need additional support as we navigate our unique journey in life.  As a young adult in my early twenties, I met with my first counselor who introduced me to a group counseling experience that brought life-changing spiritual and emotional transformation.  Although I had come to counseling for one problem in my life, the therapeutic process illuminated so much more than what I could articulate or even knew I needed.  This brought greater personal freedom, emotional peace and holistic wellbeing that I had not previously experienced.  This initial encounter is what drew me toward the counseling profession and deepened my passion and motivation for helping others in the same way that I have been helped.


In my role as a therapist, I work with families, adults, teens, and children to help educate and empower clients so that they develop the insight and skills necessary to overcome their own personal and situational challenges. Examining the core of your presenting symptoms can be challenging, but you are worth the life-changing experience it can bring.  I looking forward to serving the needs of you and your family.

Eileen Borski, M.Ed., NCC, LPC Associate

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration,

Master of Science in Business Administration

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Do you feel something holding you back from your goals, or do you have difficulty at work or in relationships? Or possibly you experienced a trauma in your past and want to move forward without the weight of the associated triggers, anxiety or depression. We can work together to identify what’s getting in your way and develop skills to address your concerns and build a path towards living the life you want.

My approach to counseling is strengths-based and includes building a framework focused on an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of individual and intergenerational trauma and other roadblocks in the way of becoming the best version of yourself. My approach emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety creating a sense of empowerment and control. In addition, I have a unique understanding of the human experience including specialty training as an EMDR Therapist. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that result from disturbing life experiences. Studies support the use of EMDR therapy to achieve results in a shorter time span versus therapy that once took years to make a difference. EMDR is effective in treating trauma, anxiety, phobias, and OCD. In addition, EMDR has the ability decrease fear, stress, or anxiety related to performance by targeting negative thinking and anxieties that get in the way of peak performance professionally and personally.

I look forward to hearing from you to set up a time to move your life forward.

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