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LPC Associate Supervision

Please send your resume to:

*Currently Accepting Applications*

Are you looking for an LPC Supervisor? If you are, remember just as your potential supervisor is interviewing you, you should also be interviewing them.


Here are a few things to consider, you need someone who:

  • knows the LPC Rules 

  • is organized

  • is a good communicator

  • is a good listener

  • is available to meet with you consistently

  • will make time for you in the event that a client emergency occurs

  • will help you develop as a practitioner

I am looking for an LPC Associate who is:

  • ethically and morally inclined 

  • organized, responsible, dedicated, and respectful

  • willing to learn and is familiar with the Consolidated Rulebook for Professional Counseling. 

  • is willing to ask questions 

  • is self-aware

  • is dedicated to their craft, and passionate about helping others

  • able to understand the supervisor-supervisee relationship can be canceled in an amicable fashion for any reason or any time by either party.

What will Supervision Include:

  • Weekly Individual or group supervision sessions (based on number of interns)

  • Webcam sessions are also available  

  • Feedback and guidance on

    • counseling techniques and training

    • client diagnosis and assessments 

    • ethical and professional decisions making 

  • Review of case notes to improve documentation and monitor ethical compliance

Requirements to become an LPC Associate in Texas.

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