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Emotional Transformation Therapy

ETT™Can Help You...

As a trained Master Certified ETT therapist, I subscribe to the belief that

therapy should be -

"Effective: focused on producing the client’s desired results;
Thorough: completely resolving the client’s problems;
Timely: brief therapy, often resolving problems in as a little a single session." (, 2014)

Since beginning this insightful journey I have completed all 5 levels of ETT™ training:
Level I – Introduction to ETT
Level II – Facilitating Transformation Processes
Level III – Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Mental Health Conditions
Level IV – Mind-Body Healing of Pain, Illness and Injury
Level V - Psychology of Spiritual and Religious Issues


This journey allowed me to experience the direct benefits of this therapy while simultaneously equipping me with another means of facilitating relief for my client's. Many of my client's had been unknowingly suffering from a range of emotionally intrenched issues that were manifesting in some form of physical pain. ETT™ can be used to address and initiate relief of the following conditions at a faster rate then simply participating in talk therapy alone. I have been trained to use ETT™ to address:

• anxiety• marital conflicts• sexual issues
• ADHD• panic attacks• sleep problems
• depression• phobias• substance addiction
• eating disorders• PTSD• weight loss
• OCD• seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

ETT™ focuses on the stress component of illness, injury, and physical pain. It has been observed to often relieve the symptoms of numerous physical chronic pain conditions such as the following:
• arthritis• irritable bowel syndrome• sciatica
• fibromyalgia• low back pain• shoulder and neck pain
• gout and neuropathy• migraine headaches• temperomandibular joint pain (TMJ)

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