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Supervised by Dr. Carole Gilmore

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Associate you are receiving counseling services from, you may contact their supervisor, Dr. Carole Gilmore, via email:

REL Robinson Headshot.jpg
R.E.L Robinson, MS, NCC, LPC Associate

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

To schedule an appointment with R.E.L. call or send an email:

Are you facing challenges with anxiety, family wounds, or relationship issues? With so many "uncertainties" all around you. I am here to provide support and understanding on your journey. I specialize in treating teens, and adults with depression, trauma, self-harm, grief, and life transitions (journeying from high school to college, college to career, or finding work life balance). I help my clients implement healthy coping skills, positive self-talk, and work towards a healthier you by using holistic therapy as well as other treatments including ACT, CBT, DBT, and Play/Activity Therapy.

If your anxiety, and stress are becoming too much, I believe trust and collaboration are essential in the therapeutic process. I provide a safe, nonjudgmental space to focus on your unique story and experience. I work with you to identify your strengths, set goals, and develop a plan of action. My goal is to be a source of encouragement and support.

The first step is the hardest but you are brave and fully supported. Its important to be seen, heard, and respected! I can improve your life and relationships. Together we can make sense of these overwhelming feelings in a space that doesn't feel like therapy. I am an advocate for BPOC, and LGBTQ communities. Lets have a session!

Offsite LPC Associates 

* Please note the LPC Associates listed below are under the supervision of Dr. Carole Gilmore as they earn their required hours toward full licensure at off-site agencies.

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