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Randall Ford, LPC, MS, NCC

To schedule an appointment with Randall please call:

Randall Ford_LPC.jpg

Bachelor of Arts in Education
Master of Arts in School Counseling &
Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Experiences shape a person - How we perceive them…How we reject… and How we embrace them. Randall has been blessed with the opportunity to interact with persons of every age, race, sex, and socioeconomic background. What he has found is that people seek healthy, authentically supportive relationships. 


Experiences and his spiritual connection with God have helped him as a husband, father, son, brother, friend, and counselor. Randall views the function of counseling as a journey of self-exploration meant to increase the clients' understanding of themselves. He simply nurtures clients through the journey of identifying and developing resources to successfully overcome challenges.


As a potential client, Randall would like you to know that he commits to providing a safe space where one can talk and trust that he is listening. A place where a potential client can be free of the burden of untruths, ready to process and to build. He views it as an honor to walk alongside a client as they do life.

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