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Kelly R. Thompson, MS, NCC, LPC Associate

To schedule an appointment with Kelly call:

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Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Master of Arts in Counseling

As a bi-racial Black clinician, I predominately help Christian women of color to heal from family wounds

and social trauma by creating a safe space that allows you to be your genuine self while feeling heard

and validated.

I have worked with adult survivors of childhood trauma and their families. Childhood trauma can be experienced through molestation, rape, verbal abuse from a parent, bullying in school, witnessing the health decline or abuse of a parent and more. I have found my clients suffer from many types of traumas and often all at the same time, which is known as complex trauma. I realize the first step is often the hardest and that is why I focus on creating a safe space within the therapeutic relationship.

Having the right partner on your team is pivotal to your success. You can feel comfortable being

yourself with me as we navigate the deeper issues that cause disruption in your current life. I give 100%.

I expect my clients to give no less.

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