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Katherine Thorne, MS, NCC, LPC Associate

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Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Writing, Minor in Religion, Masters Professional Counseling
Certified Game Master

The calling to work in counseling came to me after graduating with a double major in English and Religion from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. My experience working at a middle school made me realize that I wanted to help individuals as they navigated through life. I wanted to help people get through sadness to find happiness. I wanted to help them overcome trials, errors, and hardships to experience life's joy and celebrations. So, I started on my journey to become a counselor, which led me to Amberton University.


I came to find Amberton through a friend and was immediately drawn to it. There, I was surrounded by like-minded individuals working on starting a new chapter in their lives. I have always strived for kindness imbued in both my day-to-day and professional life. I approach life with a sense of humor and the knowledge that anything can be overcome, no matter how difficult. 


Sometimes, we just need to reach out for help from others, even if it's just an ear to listen to, and that is what I bring to my counseling practice. No judgment, no hidden strings, just a desire to help others feel heard and work through whatever might be troubling them. My goal is not to solve your problems but to support you as we find and use tools that will enable you to solve those presenting problems that they can take into life far after our sessions

Katherine recently earned her certification as a Game Master Therapist. Game Master Therapists work to bridge the gap between geeks, parents, peers, and therapists to create a better understanding through different modes of communication, which promotes the development of positive relationships in personal, academic, and professional settings.

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