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School's is almost out, help!

School may be coming to an end, but there are still lots of things to look forward to over the summer! Consider planning a staycation where you and your family can explore the attractions and activities around your hometown. You can also look into virtual summer camps or classes to keep the kids entertained. Finally, make sure to plan some time for relaxation and self-care. Summer can be a great time to recharge and enjoy the sunshine!

10 Activities for kids during the summer months

  1. Visit a local farm or take a nature walk - Kids can get out and explore the great outdoors, take in some fresh air, and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

  2. Start a garden - Kids can learn about plants, flowers, and vegetables by starting a garden.

  3. Take a cooking class - Kids can learn valuable skills in the kitchen and have fun creating and tasting delicious meals.

  4. Make art - Kids can use their creativity and imagination to create beautiful art projects.

  5. Go camping - Kids can enjoy a night under the stars and learn about the wonders of nature.

  6. Visit a museum - Kids can explore and learn about the world around them in a fun and interactive way.

  7. Have a movie night - Kids can snuggle up and watch a movie with family and friends.

  8. Visit a water park - Kids can cool off and have some fun splashing around.

  9. Go fishing - Kids can learn how to fish and spend quality time with loved ones.

  10. Take a hike - Kids can explore local trails and see some of the incredible sights nature has to offer.


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